Date: 9/16/2020
Source: Calvert Impact Capital
Author: Calvert Impact Capital

Calvert Impact Capital named Asset Manager of the Year (Mid-Sized) by 2020 IMPACT Awards


Calvert Impact Capital is recognized by Environmental Finance’s IMPACT Awards for leadership in the impact investing field


BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 16, 2020 -- Calvert Impact Capital, the mission-driven financial institution dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainable world, was named Asset Manager of the Year (Mid-Sized) by Environmental Finance’s Inaugural IMPACT 2020 Awards this week. The IMPACT Awards recognize best practice across the impact investing industry globally and Calvert Impact Capital was recognized for especially significant contributions to the field. 

“We are very proud that Environmental Finance has recognized the hard work and leadership of our team” said Jennifer Pryce, Calvert Impact Capital CEO. “Our goal is to efficiently match the needs of investors with tailored financing solutions for communities that lack access to capital. Our track record – over $2 billion raised from nearly 20,000 investors - shows we are achieving that, all while creating positive outcomes for people and planet.”

As noted in Environmental Finance’s profile, Calvert Impact Capital has sold nearly $700 million of its Community Investment Notes through brokerage firms to retail investors, the most money raised for an impact Note program through advisor platforms. The Community Investment Note is one of the most accessible impact investing products in the U.S., illustrative of the firm’s commitment to democratizing the practice of impact investing.  

In addition to passing sales milestones, Calvert Impact Capital’s loan portfolio hit a record high of over $400 million last year, with 2020 expected to be another year of significant growth as they respond to markets in need. “Calvert Impact Capital’s track record and scale has enabled it to catalyze debt markets in new sectors such as off-grid renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa and build new financial structures such as the first environmental impact bond in the US” writes Environmental Finance.

The Awards also recognized the firm’s ability to rapidly respond to pressing market needs. In the spring of 2020, Calvert Impact Capital leveraged its syndication services to help launch funds to provide affordable, flexible capital to the smallest small businesses suffering from the economic fallout of the covid-19 crisis. They served as the lead arranger for the $100mm New York Forward Loan Fund and are currently working with partners to launch similar funds in California and across a 13-state region in the Southern U.S.

“Our work this year highlights our commitment to providing innovation that the moment demands,” said Pryce. “We’re honored to be recognized by the IMPACT Awards for our contributions to the field and further inspired to continue our work for a more sustainable and equitable world through investment.”

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Calvert Impact Capital invests to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Through our products and services, we raise capital from individual and institutional investors to finance intermediaries and funds that are investing in communities left out of traditional capital markets. During our 25-year history, we have mobilized over $2 billion of investor capital. Calvert Impact Capital also offers loan syndications, where we originate, structure and administer loans for institutional and accredited lenders seeking environmental and social impact. To date, we have syndicated and/or administered more than $200 million of capital for impact-oriented transactions. More at