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2020 Highlights

Fed Affirms Commitment to Support a Faltering Economy
07/29/2020  |  Source: ThinkAdvisor

June US payrolls rise sets record amid virus reopenings
07/02/2020  |  Source: Reuters



Bond Investors Beware: Fed Support Won’t Erase Risks
06/19/2020  |  Source: ThinkAdvisor



Stocks and dollar gain on U.S. retail sales, drug trial
06/15/2020  |  Source: Reuters



The Fed says it is going to start buying individual corporate bonds
06/15/2020  |  Source: CNBC



Fed Indicates No Change in Interest Rates Through 2022
06/10/2020  |  Source: ThinkAdvisor



Patrick Leary On How The Market Is Benefiting From The Fed's Stimulus
06/08/2020  |  Source: TD Ameritrade Network



Surprise May U.S. payrolls rise fans hopes for economic recovery
06/05/2020  |  Source: Reuters



A $1 Trillion Fed-Fueled Borrowing Bonanza for the Creditworthy
06/04/2020  |  Source: Bloomberg



Specter of Negative Rates Is Putting Wall Street Bankers on Edge
05/21/2020  |  Source: Bloomberg



As states reopen, it’s a race against the clock for small businesses to pay bills and stay solvent
05/20/2020  |  Source: CNBC



Investors seen queuing up for new U.S. 20-year bonds, backstopped by Fed
05/19/2020  |  Source: Reuters



Stocks could be stuck in a range until there’s more proof reopenings are reviving the economy
05/15/2020  |  Source: CNBC



Reallocating Assets After Global Pandemic - What Wealth Managers Say
05/15/2020  |  Source: Family Wealth Report 



Powell is expected to squash idea of negative rates, even as Trump says US would benefit

  Date: 05/12/2020  |  Source: CNBC



Municipal Bonds Can’t Easily Dismiss Doomsayers This Time
  Date: 05/11/2020  |  Source: Bloomberg



Green shoots: Wednesday was one of the most positive days for the stock market on many fronts

  Date: 04/29/2020  |  Source: CNBC



The Fed's low rates will punish people who save

  Date: 04/27/2020  |  Source: CNN Business 



Taper Tantrum II? Fed's slowing Treasury purchases may boost bond yields

  Date: 04/27/2020  |  Source: Reuters 



This Retirement Strategy Worked Like a Charm When the Stock Market Crashed. Here’s Why.

  Date: 04/19/2020  |  Source: Barron’s



A blast of earnings news is coming, but the market may be more focused on when the economy will reopen

  Date: 04/17/2020  |  Source: CNBC



TREASURIES -U.S. yields retreat as virus outbreak damages economic data

  Date: 04/16/2020  |  Source: Reuters



How Fed Intervention Has Saved, but Distorted, the Bond Market

  Date: 04/16/2020  |  Source: ThinkAdvisor



Treasury yields tick lower as Fed deploys ‘M1 tank’ to support economy

  Date: 04/09/2020  |  Source: MarketWatch



Fed’s souped-up lending programs extends aid to ‘junk’ bonds

  Date: 04/09/2020  |  Source: MarketWatch



US stocks higher to start week on positive note

  Date: 03/30/2020  |  Source: Financial Times



The Fed Brings the Global Financial System Back From the Abyss

  Date: 03/28/2020  |  Source: Bloomberg



Fed’s aid to battered corporate bond market creates ‘winners and losers’

  Date: 03/26/2020  |  Source: MarketWatch



Fed's big move could help U.S. Treasury liquidity, but effects may not last long

  Date: 03/24/2020  |  Source: Reuters



Fed bombards credit markets with limitless pledge, but investors barely respond

  Date: 03/23/2020  |  Source:



Another harrowing week looms for markets as US economy shuts down and virus spreads

  Date: 03/20/20  |  Source:



Floored market clamors for measures beyond second rate cut

  Date: 03/16/2020  |  Source: GlobalCapital



Wall Street fears ‘flashbacks to 2008’ with forced selling in $9 trillion U.S. corporate bond market

  Date: 03/14/2020  |  Source: MarketWatch



Fed used “most powerful tool” too soon by cutting rates, investors say

  Date: 03/05/2020  |  Source: GlobalCapital 



Incapital adds four to fixed income team with eye on MBS

  Date: 02/10/2020  |  Source: GlobalCapital



Advisor Predictions for 2019 Bond Market Bombed

  Date: 02/03/2020  |  Source: Financial Advisor Magazine