Our trading expertise and underwriting capabilities serve as competitive advantages

Incapital has a proven history of providing institutional clients with an efficient means of accessing new issue and principal secondary offerings. With deep trading experience and a track record of more than $400 billion in underwritten securities, Incapital continues to strengthen its partnerships and commitment to institutional investors.

Institutional Product and Trading Specialties

Agencies and Supranationals
  • Active Agency underwriter of more than 900 issues in 2015*
  • A primary underwriter for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank, Farm Credit, Tennessee Valley Authority, Farmer Mac and World Bank
  • Rankings: #10 in overall Agency underwriting, including bullets and callable fixed rates and step-ups*
Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Active in structuring cash flows and principal secondary trading of Agency Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (“CMO”) and Pass-Through securities
  • Significant positioning ability
  • Trading desk with deep experience across private label and Agency structures, whole loans and fixed and ARM Pass-Throughs
Corporate Debt and Preferred Securities
  • Capital markets team specialized in providing access to debt markets through retail notes, traditional corporate bonds, private placements, baby bonds and preferred stock
  • Participated in the underwriting of more than $115 billion of InterNotes® and $20 billion of preferred stock and baby bonds since 2001
  • New issue distribution through our retail note platform for more than 50 corporate issuers including Caterpillar Financial, Dow Chemical, Ford Motor Credit, Goldman Sachs, John Deere Capital and Prudential Financial
  • Seasoned secondary trading desk provides market making activities for deals underwritten by Incapital and a wide range of other investment grade credits
Market-Linked Products
  • A market leader in underwriting market-linked CDs and notes in a variety of structures including, but not limited to: Callable Step-Ups, Income Generator, Index-Linked, Range Accrual, Digital and Enhanced Return
  • Winner of numerous awards for innovation and education: U.S. Structured Products Distributor of the Year 3 times by mtn-i Magazine and U.S. Distributor of the Year on 7 occasions by Structured Products Magazine
  • A leading distributor of CDs for brokerage accounts
  • Agent for hundreds of banks, including leading CD issuers such as Bank of America and Goldman Sachs Bank, plus other large regional and community banks
  • Underwriter and distributor of bullet and callable (fixed-rate and step-up) CDs across maturities ranging from 3 months to 20 years

* Bloomberg LEAG tables as of 12/31/2015