Incapital helps issuers achieve their financing needs by assisting in the issuance of securities distributed through an efficient and extensive pipeline that includes national, regional and independent broker-dealers, as well as RIAs and bank channels.

The Incapital Difference

Flexibility for Diverse Offerings

Incapital’s broad-based platform can accommodate issuers based on ongoing program issuance or a particular view oriented toward a specific outcome.

Corporate Notes - Through our network of broker-dealers and financial advisors, we make available par-priced new issue investment grade, non-investment grade, and non-rated corporate notes on a weekly basis.

Agencies - Incapital is a leading national underwriter of Agency and Supranational securities, including non-callable, callable and step-up notes.

Market-Linked Products - Incapital offers an extensive range of market-linked notes and CDs linked to the performance of equities, commodities, currencies or other assets.

Technology that Powers Efficiency

Our state of the art technologies like Incapnet®, Incapital’s proprietary trading and reporting site,  allows clients and issuers to access our inventory of primary and secondary offerings and place orders. Through our issuer portal, products can be modeled, issued and tracked in real-time.

Delivering Valuable Market Insights

Our team of experienced professionals is close to the action and can provide market color and insights to help issuers develop new offerings that reflect current market demand. Issuers benefit from candid feedback on an offering’s viability and likely reception in the marketplace.

Award-Winning Service

A multi-year winner of the U.S. Structured Products Distributor of the Year Award1, Incapital’s Market-Linked Products trading desk distributes billions in structured products to its network of more than 800 broker/dealers, RIAs and financial institutions.

Incapital is ranked in the top 15 U.S. Agency Underwriters and Distributors — #15 Overall, #2 in overall Step-Up underwriting, #11 in Callable underwriting.
(Bloomberg LEAG tables as of 12/31/2013)

Awarded to Incapital by Structured Products magazine or mtn-i.