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Incapital's CD Team can help you weather the storm.

It’s difficult to predict when rising rates will drive deposit outflow. But it’s a highly probable scenario. Incapital can provide a prudent solution to help you mitigate the risk of deposit runoff and weather the storm.

Incapital’s CD Team gives you access to a nationwide market for liquidity. Incapital is an active underwriter of wholesale bank funding and helps financial institutions meet their funding needs through the issuance of a variety of brokered CDs. Our CD Team is ranked among the top underwriters of brokered CDs in the U.S.

Experience and Distribution

  • Hundreds of banks nationally are signed onto the Incapital CD funding platform
  • Incapital has long-standing relationships with every significant dealer of CD product in the retail fixed income market
  • Incapital offers CD product directly to our network of over 800 distribution partners nationwide and over 1,000 more through redistribution relationships with clearing firms and ECNs


  • CDs issued via Incapital can range from 1 month to 15 years and beyond in maturity
  • Callable and Non-callable structures
  • Call options can be structured into offerings and are popular with investors seeking greater yield
  • Rates for best efforts and take-downs/committed funding options available

Typical Brokered CD Issuance Cycle

Cd Issuance Cycle


  • Our proprietary web-based technology, Incapnet, streamlines structuring, order execution, reporting and documentation processes
  • Incapnet Provides Turn-key Functionality to our CD Issuers:
    • Reduces administrative and operational burden for issuer
    • Customizable reporting
    • Allows customization to limit offering sizes
  • CDs are underwritten via our Incapnet web-based capability and on an as-needed basis for our issuers
  • Extensive distribution information is provided to our CD issuers

Why Incapital?

Incapital performs a central role to assist our bank partners to attain their funding needs through the strategic issuance of CDs distributed through an efficient and nationwide pipeline. Incapital provides the technology and information necessary to make these deposits marketable and accessible to both institutional buyers and our network of broker-dealers and financial advisors. Our broad sales network, extensive trading relationships and underwriting capabilities serve as competitive advantages to customers. 

Bank treasury personnel Sign-up to receive weekly CD Pricing for Issuance on Incapital’s platform delivered directly to your inbox.

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