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Representing hundreds of banks opens up opportunities

Ranked among the leading distributors of Brokered CDs in the U.S., Incapital’s CD team represents many of the leading issuers. We’ve developed longstanding relationships with significant issuers in the market, allowing us to offer a large variety of maturities and payment frequencies, as well as the potential for attractive yields.

Innovative Trading Technology

Our dealer and issuer-friendly technology streamlines structuring, order execution, reporting and documentation of CDs. Access our entire inventory and get details about structures, features, prices and availability. Institutional investors can also place orders through Bloomberg or directly though our proprietary order entry and reporting site, Incapnet®.

Wide Selection of Issues

Incapital's CD program opens up access to CDs offered by dozens of banks across the country. In addition to being able to shop for attractive yields across a wide range of issuers, advisors have the ability to access a large variety of maturities and payment structures to better match client income needs with the optimal type of CD. As with all financial products, CDs are subject to certain investment risks such as interest rate risk and secondary market liquidity risk. Access to multiple issuers can also be useful in the management of FDIC coverage for large deposits.

Facilitating Bank Funding

Incapital is an active underwriter of wholesale bank funding and helps financial institutions meet their funding needs through the issuance of a variety of Brokered CDs. We have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals to assist institutions with specific funding needs.

Incapital can also facilitate all facets of issuance, marketing and distribution beginning with the registration process. In addition, Incapital may, but is not obligated to, maintain a secondary market on issues we underwrite. This may assist in insulating your bank from early withdrawal of deposits (except in cases of death or adjudication of incompetence).

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