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New Issue Corporate Debt Designed for Individual Investors

Investing in InterNotes® can help fine-tune your investment portfolio to do more.

InterNotes® enable individual investors to buy at par new issue corporate notes from well-established brands. We’ve issued more than $175 billion in retail and medium-term notes and also offer secondary trading of corporate bonds from the financial services, telecommunications, automotive, technology and industrial sectors.
InterNotes® give you a variety of new-issue choices every week – allowing you to select by issuer, maturity, credit rating, coupon rate and interest payment schedule.


Prior to investing, it’s important to understand the terms of InterNotes®.


InterNotes® are offered in $1,000 increments. They are not subject to either premium or discount pricing, and there is no accrued interest at purchase. The terms are clear and transparent.


InterNotes® are designed as buy-and-hold investments with maturity terms ranging from 1 to 30 years.

Offering Period

InterNotes® offerings are generally available for five business days. This gives you ample time to make an informed decision, unlike other investments that are offered and close quickly.

Coupon Payments

InterNotes® are generally offered as Fixed Rate Notes, which have coupon rates that are set at the initial offering and remain constant until maturity. Various coupon payment frequencies that may be available include monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.


Some InterNotes® have call provisions, which means they can be redeemed, or paid off, at the issuer’s discretion prior to maturity, subject to the terms of the InterNotes®. Typically, an issuer will call InterNotes® when interest rates fall, potentially leaving investors unable to reinvest in alternative InterNotes® with similar or better terms.

Survivor’s Option

Most InterNotes® feature a Survivor’s Option. This feature allows an investor’s estate to redeem InterNotes® at par prior to maturity.

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