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Specialized and Dedicated Support

Incapital’s Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) desk specializes in the structuring and trading of Agency and Private Label Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and pass-through securities to meet a wide range of investor needs and objectives.

Tranches Designed to Meet Specific Objectives 

Each type of mortgage-backed security, from traditional pass-throughs to complex CMO tranches has different risks associated with the payment process. Our experienced team makes mortgage-backed securities accessible and provides a wealth of information about various security types, tranches, and structures.

Customized Technology

Incapital’s proprietary trading and reporting site, Incapnet®, offers complete product access for both issuers and broker-dealers. Through our issuer portal, products can be modeled, created, issued and tracked in real-time. Trading partners can execute transactions online at Incapnet.com.

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MBS are complex securities and are not suitable for all investors. The average life and yield of a MBS will fluctuate depending on the actual prepayment experience of the underlying mortgages and changes in current interest rates. If MBS are sold in the secondary market prior to maturity, the proceeds received may be more or less than the original amount invested.