Risk Considerations Risk Considerations   

Bringing Efficiency to the Market

Incapital has distributed over $3 billion of preferreds since 2001.  Its underwriting activity is supported by committed and active secondary trading resources.

Access a Diverse Distribution Pipeline

In a typical preferred transaction, the lead manager or managers direct the placement of most of the securities being offered.  In transactions that Incapital has distributed, there has been significant incremental placement to new broker-dealer and institutional customers who have not enjoyed easy access to the product and to customers that have been unallocated via the traditional method.  By using Incapital’s distribution system, both the investor and the issuer benefit.  The issuer increases aggregate placement with broader distribution through Incapital’s nationwide network and supply reaches traditionally underserved customer demand.

Deal of the Year

Incapital has experience balancing the supply and demand dynamics of these transactions as both Lead Manager and Bookrunner.   Marine Money awarded Incapital Deal of the Year in 2012 for its role as Sole Structuring Agent, Physical Bookrunner and Joint Lead Manager on the Seaspan Series D preferred offering.  This highlights its position as a thought leader in structure and execution strategy, creating unique tangible value for its issuer, dealer and institutional clients.