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Proven Support and Market Leadership

As a leading national underwriter of Agencies and an active underwriter of Supranationals, Incapital provides the technology and information necessary to make these securities marketable and accessible to both institutional buyers and our network of broker-dealers and financial advisors.


The potential for higher yields and interest payment options can be found through a wide range of structures. Investors can benefit from a unique combination of high credit quality, liquidity, pricing transparency and cash flows that can be customized to closely match their objectives. While highly rated Agencies and Supranationals offer a combination of quality, attractive yields and liquidity, it’s important to consider all the risks before investing.

Incapital Underwriting Methods

Incapital underwrites securities of various issuers via two primary methods:

Retail Program Offerings

Incapital provides continuously offered notes on a weekly basis for retail investors. These offerings give considerable flexibility in their investment purchase decision. Incapital is a leading underwriter of continuously offered notes designed for individual investors. Click here to view current retail offerings.

Underwritten Offerings

Incapital is also in constant contact with Agency and Supranational issuers and negotiates transactions with the more frequent issuers every day, often multiple times per day. These offerings can be quite large in size. The Incapital Agency Trading desk can tailor and structure transactions to investors’ needs, and, market conditions permitting, can promptly underwrite large and small transactions which are further distributed by our partner broker-dealers and purchased for the portfolios of our institutional investment clients.

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