At Incapital, we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and make doing business with Incapital easier and more cost-effective. One way we’ve accomplished this is through Incapnet®, our proprietary order entry and reporting site which offers financial professionals complete access to our inventory of primary and secondary offerings.

Technology that Opens Up Opportunities

Direct access

Incapnet includes proprietary issuance and trading applications, as well as reporting tools. Through our issuer-friendly interface, products can be modeled, issued and tracked in real-time. Dealer-friendly order entry allows trading directly through and the ability to create custom reporting.

Issuer and Dealer-friendly Interface

The Incapnet Dashboard provides a high-level view of sales, new issue closings, yield information, and market updates. From here you can also access our complete inventory of offerings, check orders, access reports as well as a variety of issuance, trading and client service tools.


To learn more about Incapnet or how to get access to it, please Contact Us.

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